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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swallowing pills can be difficult... I’ve found a solution

I have a very difficult time swallowing pills that are large, odd-shaped, or rough. Just like my mom, I really struggle with it. With prescription medications, I have no other option but to get them ‘down the hatch’ somehow, so I psych myself up for a moment and keep a large glass of water handy. I also like to have another person nearby, just in case I get a pill stuck and need help.

When it comes to supplements, my Mom and I work as a team. We’ll haunt the aisles of the local pharmacy, trying to peer through the bottles and determine what size and shape the pills are. If we think we can swallow them, we buy a bottle and take it home to give it a try. At any given time, we end up stuck several bottles that we just can’t choke down (I have three unwanted bottles in my cabinet right now). If we can’t find a family member or friend who wants them, then into the trash they go - a huge waste of both supplements and money.

Recently, we found a fish oil pill which was small and perfectly round. We were both thrilled; it appeared they would just fly down our throats. Unfortunately, they flew right down our windpipes! Both of us ended up choking at the same time (neither of us knew it until later) and we each had to cough it out. It was so scary! I never touched those again.

I have the same problem with multivitamins. I feel really silly, but I’ve been buying Adult gummy vitamins to make up for the months I had avoided taking them. Calcium pills also tend to be large and intimidating, and with my diagnosis of Osteoporosis I cannot avoid taking them. However, to be honest, I have skipped days because I just couldn’t bring myself to try to swallow whichever brand of calcium I was trying at the time. Given my situation, I just can't allow that to continue to happen. 

As people who suffer from chronic pain/illness, it’s vitally important that we maintain our nutritional balance. I don’t want to make this an advertisement, but I do want to share what I've recently discovered and is now working great for me. My husband has started selling Youngevity health products and he told me the company offers liquid options for both calcium, multivitamins, and several other supplements. I decided to start out with the calcium and it’s working great for me! No more standing in my kitchen, staring at a pill and trying to psych myself up to take it. 

If you want to read more about how this solved my pill swallowing problem and to find out what other products they offer which could help you, just click HERE.

If you are someone who has absolutely no trouble swallowing pills, Youngevity products can also benefit you, so you might like to click as well.

Wishing you all a healthy weekend!

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