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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meningitis Outbreak: The Very Latest Facts

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What do you need to know if you had 
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections 
between May 21 and September?

~* Not everyone who got steroid injections will develop fungal meningitis, which is not contagious to others, but is very dangerous to the affected patient.

~* Fungal infections can be slow to develop. Typically symptoms have appeared 1 to 6 weeks following the tainted injection (the CDC says most of the outbreak patients became ill in the first 42 days), but it’s important to know that longer and shorter periods of time have been reported. This means that even if you are not sick right now, look at the date you had your injection and realize that symptoms may not develop for several months. Please remain vigilant. 

~* Symptoms of the fungal meningitis include fever, new or worsening headache, sensitivity to light, nausea, chills, and stroke-like deficits (including slurred speech and unsteady gait). Be very watchful for any unusual symptoms. Inform your loved ones so they can help you watch for symptoms which you may not notice. 

~* If you need to be treated for fungal meningitis you will receive intravenous drugs in a hospital. Treatment can take months and the drugs can have severe side effects which need to be closely monitored. In the linked articles above, the last one is a personal account from one patient who is going through treatment, so you can find out what to expect.

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