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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feline Groovy: Our Parody Video

I’ve been working a video project for the past couple of weeks and it’s finally finished!  As someone who lives with chronic pain, having two cats is even more special. They give me unconditional love, comfort, and they make me laugh (oh yes, they sure do!). According to numerous scientific studies, owning a pet boosts your mental and physical well-being. I’ll be writing a special blog post about how pets improve our health this coming Saturday.

As a preview, I’m going to unveil my video project tonight. Have you been enjoying the fantastically amusing video, “Gangnam Style,” by Korean pop star Psy? There have been a ton of parodies on YouTube and I decided it would be fun to use our cat, Cruiser, to star in his own version. If I could figure out how to embed the video here I would... but for now, you’ll have to click the link below:

Watch our cat parody video now, click here:  
*~  GangNom-Nom Style  ~*

I hope you will enjoy this video - we are still laughing from both the video shoot and the editing! Be sure when you watch it that you DON’T MISS THE OUTTAKES at the very end, we think they are funniest part of the whole thing!

I’m making a promise right now, that at least twice a month I will put up new photos or videos of our two cats here on my blog to share their cuteness and humor with you all!

Wishing you all a pain-free night and a really good laugh!

Our cats: Cruiser (the video star!) and Jaspurr!

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