dahlia in my garden: Rio Fuego in Coleus leaves

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Garden Giant

 At last my dahlias are starting to hit their stride. Not so much in my primary garden, but my overflow dahlias which are growing at my parents house are amazing! I've got to share with you one particular variety. This dinner plate dahlia plant seems to produce bigger and bigger blooms each week. I picked one today that is eleven inches in diameter - and it will continue to open up as it sits in the vase! 

Dahlia: Harvest Moonlight

Another new item in my garden is a fun succulent tea pot I put together. I had the pot and found a tea cup to match at a second hand store. I picked out particular succulent plants: one type to make it look like steam coming up out of the pot and cup, and another to simulate tea pouring out of the spout. It turned out so cute!

I hope you are also enjoying the summer and taking advantage of the growing season. Whether you love gardening or just getting out to enjoy nature as it is, please take time to stop and smell the roses... um, I mean admire the dahlias!  ; >

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  1. Your dahlias are gorgeous! One of my favorite flowers! Thanks for sharing!


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