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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fail First Update: The Good and the Bad News

If you don’t know about Fail First, you need most definitely need to! For a quick overview about what it is and why pain patients don’t want it, click to read my previous post HERE.

California update:
Thanks to all of you who wrote faxes to support the anti-Fail First bill, AB 369. Good news! It narrowly passed out of the Senate Health Committee. The bill will now move to the Senate Appropriations Committee, so we need to keep the pressure on! This is my home state and I’m very eager to get this bill signed into law. To my fellow Californians: I will certainly keep you updated and let you know when our help is needed again to tell the legislature we support AB 369 and they should too!

New York update:
Legislation regulating First Fail did not move out of the Insurance Committee in either the Assembly or Senate. However, there will be Committee hearings over the summer and early fall on this issue. Hopefully, if Committee Members are convinced that there is enough support for this legislation after hearing testimony, it can move out of committee in the next legislative session.

Other states:
To find out what is going on in your state with regard to Fail First, go to Fail First Hurts and check out the Legislative Updates. You can also check the Interactive Map to see what bills you should support in your state - or maybe you'll find that your help is needed to get legislation written. As you search around the website, you can read about how Fail First policy has impacted other patients like you and read the latest News updates about bills pending across the country. 

This issue is so important for *all* patients, whether they have chronic pain or not!

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