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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Vision Toward a Positive Future

Keeping positive thoughts when you live with chronic pain isn’t easy. There are so many things conspiring to bring us down and turn our thoughts negative; it can take very little to upset our emotional balance.

Increased pain, new symptoms, unmet expectations, strained relationships, traveling, stress, anxiety... heck, just trying to get out bed can push me beyond my limits!

As we we try to juggle the demands of our lives and the difficulties of our chronic pain conditions, it’s impossible to prevent negative thoughts from popping into our heads on occasion. During rough times, we may find ourselves mired in negativity, fixating on “what ifs” and fearing we are headed for the worst possible outcome. Negative thoughts can increase our pain level and inhibit our ability to cope and thrive.

“While it’s true that words can hurt – they can also heal.”
~Sue Ingebretson

While searching around the internet this week, I found an interesting blog post featuring a project on how to point your thoughts toward a positive future by making a Vision Board. I’ve done a lot of art therapy and this project actually makes me want to pull out the glue and scissors again.

Some of you may read the post and think it’s a silly idea which will never work for you. However, I suggest that you try it before you knock it. Lots of people use meditation mantras or personal affirmations to help strengthen their self-esteem and push those negative thoughts away. 

I think that making a physical effort to express inspiring positive thoughts in a meaningful and artistic way will help make them “stick” in your mind much more firmly. You’ll have an actual picture inside your head to help push those negative thoughts aside.

So, if you’d like to take a look and maybe give it a try, click on this title:

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