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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Find a balance in life and never surrender

Since I started this blog in February, I’ve been trying hard to keep up with two posts a week: Tuesday-Newsdays and also a Saturday essay that I write myself. This week it caught up with me and I had a bad pain attack while pushing myself to finish another long essay.

I think I’ve bitten off a little more than I can chew by trying to write a big essay every weekend. So I’ve made a decision to scale back just a little. Tuesdays will continue as usual. And I will post every Saturday, but the long informational essays I will only do twice a month. 

But don’t worry! On alternating Saturdays such as this, I will find other things to share that will educate, encourage, inspire... and sometimes even make you laugh. 

So I hope you’ll stick with me - we pain patients gotta stick together!

I was flipping through a book of poems, and I found one that really resonated with me today. I hope it will with you, as well.

~* Life’s Disappointments Always Lead to Better Tomorrows *~

In life,
though there may be pain
and sorrow,
along the way lies
a great happiness.

Though your world feels broken,
pick up what’s good
and move on,
for somehow your desires
will find fulfillment.

Remember that
in the end, the ups and downs
will balance themselves.
Cry your tears,
smile your smiles,
but never, never surrender.

Remember that
in yourself lies the strength
to believe that your dreams
are always close by,
even when they seem to be
farthest away.

-Linda Principe

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