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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Autumn Brings Change

The weather in our area has taken that big dip from summer hot to autumn chilly. That seasonal change was very noticeable today as I dealt with a broken furnance; though it’s certainly not freezing where I live, I’m just so sensitive to cold and it aggravates my pain. It’s certainly undeniable that autumn is here in full force with all the changes it brings. So here I am, bundled up in my wooly bathrobe with a warm cat on my lap and a hot cup of tea in hand, browsing through some of my books and waiting for the furnace repair person. 

There has certainly been a lot of change in my life recently and not all of it is good. However, addressing my recent health setbacks instead of ignoring them is helping me to put in place plan which will hopefully lead to less pain. 

I now realize even bad changes can ultimately lead us to something positive. As I was thumbing through a book of poems, I found one which spoke to me on this subject. I hope you’ll also feel that connection as you watch the autumn leaves falling outside your own window today.

From Every Change in Life
You Can Learn Something Important

In every change 
that you experience in life,
there will be times when
you’ll wonder if you can endure.
But you’ll learn that facing 
each difficulty one by one
isn’t so hard.
It’s when you don’t deal 
with a situation 
that it sometimes comes back
to confront you again.

Changes are sometimes very painful,
but they teach us
that we can endure
and that we can become stronger.
Everything that comes into your life 
has a purpose,
but the outcome is in your hands
by the action you take.
Be wise with your life,
be willing to endure,
and always be willing
to face life’s challenges.

~by Sherrie L. Householder
from the collection of poems entitled, “Life Can Be Hard Sometimes... but It’s Going to Be Okay” edited by Susan Polis Schutz

Harvest Time: These pumpkins were grown
in the garden of a family friend.
The large orange one weighs 862 pounds!

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