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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Looking ahead to Invisible Illness Week's Virtual Conference

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is coming up from September 10 - 16th and it features a free online virtual conference. I want to give everyone a heads up, so you can explore which seminars might interest you and make plans to take part. 

Here are just a few of the seminar titles:

~Avoiding Destructive Relationships When Chronically Ill 
led by Leslie Vernick

~Pregnancy, Parenting, and Chronic Illness
led by Laurie Edwards

~Transitioning to College and Career with a Chronic Illness
led by Naomi Kingery

~Communicating With Your Spouse When Chronically Ill
led by Pam Farrel

~Finding That Self Through All The Muck of Illness
led by Renee Johnson Fisher

~ How to Live Successfully When No One Understands Your Invisible Illness
led by Mary Siegel

~7 Big Ideas for Regaining Power in the Workplace When You Live with a Chronic Health Condition
led by Rosalind Joffe

~How to Work From Home When Dealing with an Invisible Illness
led by Jill Hart

To find out more details about all the conference seminars, when they will take place, and how to join them... please click HERE.

The Invisible Illness Week website has lots more information, articles, and resources to offer. Be sure to explore the site to find inspiration and help in your own journey with chronic invisible illness.

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