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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My review of the TV show: " Push Girls "

...Follow the lives of five beautiful, intelligent and inspiring women as they challenge society’s perception of what life is like in a wheelchair...

I’ve been watching the unique reality show ‘Push Girls’ which airs on the Sundance Channel and I want to recommend it to everyone! I don’t know if any of the women on the show deal with chronic pain, but they certainly are dealing with some disability issues that affect me in my life - and besides that, I think the show  is interesting, positive, and inspiring. We never miss it at my home.

The show follows the lives of a group of women who are all wheelchair bound; three are paraplegics and one is a quad. This is not a reality show like Jersey Shore or The Real Housewives franchise, which always seem to show the most negative sides of people: drinking, fighting, selfishness, acting out, etc. 

The premise of the ‘Push Girls’ is that people with disabilities are the same as everyone else: they live, love, work, have relationships, and get immersed in the things they are passionate about. These four women are not afraid to open up their lives and show it all. If you’ve never seen it, you can watch a video tease of ‘Push Girls. Here is just a taste of what issues come up in the show:

~Angela reveals her serious relationship issues including the end of her marriage and a return to dating. Despite being a quadriplegic, she desires to return to the world of modeling. Surprise! Yesterday Nordstrom has announced they are hiring her to be in a national ad campaign. You can read more about that here.

~Auti is a dancer, singer, actress who is working on an album with her husband, who runs a hip-hip wheelchair dance team, and is also on a quest to try and have a baby. 

~Mia was paralyzed as a teenager when at the height of her competitive swimming. On the show she faces her return to the water after 15 years of avoidance, her relationship with her mother, dating, and the struggle of moving. 

~Tiphany is a free-spirit who loves fitness (she even “rolls” a 5K on the show), and deals with dating relationships as a bisexual.

~Chelsie, the youngest, is still adjusting to life in the wheelchair, especially with regards to dating. She’s also involved in wheelchair dancing.

So much more comes up on 'Push Girls' than the few tidbits I mentioned above. Additionally, these women are not just individuals thrown together as a forced group for a TV series; they are truly good friends who have been close for years. It’s such a candid look inside each of their personal lives and their mutual friendship, and it makes for very compelling television. 

Although the season finale airs on Monday night, you’ll still have two chances to watch the entire series this coming week. The Sundance Channel is airing a ‘Push Girls’ marathon tomorrow Sunday, Aug. 26; just check your local listings and then catch the final episode Monday night. Sundance will rerun the full season marathon again on Labor Day Weekend, Sunday, Sept. 2. 

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do, and since it’s been renewed for a second season, we’ll have many more chances to see these amazing women as they push past the many boundaries in their lives.


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