dahlia in my garden: Rio Fuego in Coleus leaves

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taking some time to think

     This was an eventful week. After being seen at Stanford Hospital, I've got a new diagnosis. Now I've got to start doing some research for myself and connect with a new patient organization.
      I need some time this weekend to absorb it all and think about where I go from here. I always do that best with a little bit of gardening. Nothing soothes me more than nurturing plants.
       Here are a few photos of what's currently in my garden...

These bright orange blooms are Strawflowers.

In my birdbath: This little cactus is so covered
with blooms you can hardly see its spines.

Here's a purple Gazania.


  1. Love the flowers! Just looking at them makes me smile. Hope your new diagnoses helps you on the path to healing.

  2. The flowers are beautiful! I especially love the gazania, I have some, but they are quite a different color. The strawflower is gorgeous too!

  3. Deb & Amber,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my snapshots! I promise there will be more colorful pix coming through the summer season.



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