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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday-Newsday #59

It’s time for Tuesday-Newsday! The featured blog post this week is, “Renewal in a Life of Chronic Pain: Truisms to Live By” by Sue Falkner-Wood.

Let Me Know: If you’d like me to watch for articles on your pain condition, just drop me a note in the comments section below.

WARNING:  My goal is to provide the most up-to-date news I can, which you can then take to your personal doctor and debate the merits of before you try it. I do not endorse any of the docs, treatments, info, and meds in anything I post nor can I guarantee they are all effective, especially not for everyone. I always include the citation, source, or website so you know where it came from. As is the case with any health info, ALWAYS get your doctor's opinion first!



Teen dies after 'routine' wisdom tooth surgery: Expert warns those with ‘serious medical conditions’ need to talk to their doctor before having dental anesthesia

(Note from me: Patients aren’t averages! Just look at the difference in my age to the recommended age for Osteoporosis testing. I think this issue is a very big deal. Remember all the concern over what age woman should be able to get a mammogram?)



FDA Panel to Weigh Second Chance for New Class of Painkillers: Trials halted in 2010 after some taking the drugs may have overworked damaged knees


by Sue Falkner-Wood

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