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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update on My Red Dress Moment...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am not able to write a full blog post this week. Our landlord arranged for all our windows to be replaced and our apartment was a mess! We had to move the bed, chairs, computer desks... even our countertop dishwasher! Our cats, who were not thrilled, were temporarily transported to my parents’ house. Consequently I’ve been without my computer for a couple of days. 

So rather than not posting at all, I’ve decided to give you a quick little tease of my Red Dress photo session which happened last weekend.  (Go here to learn all about: The Traveling Red Dress: Having My “Moment”

On the day we scheduled the session it was sooo windy and cold - probably about 45 degrees! - and in between each location I was bundled into my wheelchair under two coats and a blanket to try to keep me warm. I was shivering so hard by the end that I could barely walk. 

Here I am at the start of the shoot,
so bundled up you can't see my red dress!

However I have to say that as cold as I was, it was totally worth it! If you are on the fence about whether to do your own Red Dress photo shoot, I urge you to do it!  Even if you have physical limitations or your chronic pain severely affects your activities, find a way to put a red dress on and let it work its magic. You don’t even have to leave your house. Use what you are most passionate about to add a theme to your photos, really make them special to who you are.

Heading back to the car at the end.
My husband snapped these photos with his phone.
I can't wait to share the professional photos with you.

I’ve seen all the pictures of me and I don’t know how I am going to choose just a couple of images! I promise that soon as I can, I will share the best ones here on my blog and also on the Traveling Red Dress Facebook Page.

Embrace the legacy of the Red Dress!



  1. From what I see, you look stunning! I forgot about the "traveling Red Dress". Next time I go to my local Goodwills I am going to find me one and take this challenge. Wish I had one for this upcoming weekend. We are suppose to go to Myrtle Beach for a few days (close to where I live) for a getaway. I am hoping to get rid of some of the stress we have been experiencing lately due to Murphy's law. Can't wait to see you other pics :-) Lovely lady in red :-)

  2. Heya Deb!

    I just got back from the Goodwill and found a whole lot of dresses, red or near red, just begging to be a part of the Traveling Red Dress project. Some lovely red skirts, too, sequined, leather, silk, - I think they are calling your name!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and get rid of all the stress.



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