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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quest for Diagnosis 3: Exploring the Mysterious

My husband always thinks I’m crazy for how much I enjoy watching medical television shows. I don’t mean ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘House’; I’m into the shows about medicine which reveal real footage inside an emergency room or follow what goes on in a maternity ward. He thinks with all my medical problems that I should be sick of anything to do with medicine.

I love real medical shows. I learn so much by watching them. I find it challenging to try to guess what’s wrong with the patient and figure out what treatment is needed. I’m also inspired by doctors rising to the occasion and patients fighting to survive and beating the odds. When I’ve been going through a rough patch with regard to my own medical issues, watching a patient who never gives up inspires me and renews the resolve to not let my painful genetic disease win.

One of my favorite shows is ‘Mystery Diagnosis’. The episodes feature people who are dealing with baffling medical conditions which can go undiagnosed for years. Their lives are taken over and sometimes threatened by these mysteries maladies, their sanity is questioned and their relationships strained. Part of the show’s description says:

“In each personal story, the patients, doctors and everyone involved discover the importance of being vigilant. They learn that medicine is often more of an art than a science, and that the journey to diagnosis can be a twisted path full of many surprises... Time passes and the daily struggle continues. And then one day, because of a patient's relentless pursuit of an accurate and final diagnosis (or the determined efforts of their family or a forward-thinking doctor) the puzzle is solved and an accurate diagnosis given."

The people featured on Mystery Diagnosis are all ages, from all walks of life, dealing with problems ranging from the common to the very rare. It runs on two different networks, Discovery Fit & Health and Oprah Winfrey Network. It has aired for many seasons and is currently in reruns. Check the TV listings in your area for both those channels. If you go to the Mystery Diagnosis home page, there are videos you can watch from show. 

Even if you can’t find your medical condition on the list or you watch the show and never find another person with symptoms similar to yours, I think this show is well worth watching. You never know what you might learn that could aid you in finding your own diagnosis. Never give up!

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