dahlia in my garden: Rio Fuego in Coleus leaves

Saturday, July 16, 2011

In the Garden

It’s been a busy and overwhelming week for me. Once again I’m wearing a cardiac monitor for 30 days (ugh!). I’ve had a whole bunch of doctor appointments, my pain level has been high, and my sleep reduced. All in all, there’s been a lot going on with me.

I just haven’t had time to write a blog post, so instead I’m going to share some garden photos. This week my dahlias bloomed for the first time this season! The two blooms are so different from each other and so very striking. See the photo below, followed by some favorites of years past.

I hope you’ll enjoy these dahlia photos, and I promise to be back on track with a regular post on Tuesday-Newsday.

Here they are! My first two dahlia blooms this year:
Juul All-Star and Powder Puff Polka
Next to my cat ceramic piece is a bloom of Wynne's Eeekk!
Resting in a bed of green coleus is Junkyard Dog
A display of dahlias on my computer desk in summer 2007

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