dahlia in my garden: Rio Fuego in Coleus leaves

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday - Newsday #2

It’s time for the 2nd installment of Tuesday-Newsday! I hope you’ll find information which is helpful for you or someone you know. 

Today our featured subjects are Chronic Pain (in general), Fibromyalgia, and Migraines.
WARNING:  My goal is to provide the most up-to-date news I can, which you can then take to your personal doctor and debate the merits of before you try it. I do not endorse any of the docs, treatments, info, meds, or whatever!  in anything I send, nor can I guarantee that they are all true, especially not for everyone. I always try to include the citation, source, or website whenever possible so you know where it came from. As is the case with ANY health info, always get your doctor's opinion first!
A recent issue of TIME magazine features chronic pain on the cover. The first two articles below are from there, but to read the rest of the issue you’ll need to buy it or read it at a local library.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work that you do.


  2. Hi Shannon,

    Your blog looks great!!! Welcome to this wonderful world of blogging in pain!! There are so many great people to meet! :)

    Oh how I miss gardening...it was and still is a passion of mine, and as you know, the pain is a real contender for my attention when the physical work involved in gardening comes to call!!

    I am not able where I live right now to garden like I used to...but I delight in the fruit trees outside and the flower buds and new leaves just starting...How I miss my favorite flower, Sweet Peas; stringing them as they climb up and their lovely smell in the house....

    Hope to see you over at Jenny's place...

    Take Care, and Gentle Hugs....
    Shauna <3

  3. Shauna,

    Welcome to my blog!

    I am in the same boat as you when it comes to gardening. I cannot do the physical work: bending, stooping, squatting. Heck, I have difficulty sitting for more than 20 min right now (darn sacrum!)

    I'm only able to garden on this scale because my hubby does all the heavy stuff for me, and my parents also help. My work is as the overseer. I also do the small stuff, like starting the seeds indoors and managing the cuttings and seedlings.

    Ah, to be able to garden again as I would wish to! We all yearn for the stuff we used to do. The trick is to find ways to keep doing it, even part way, or to feed that same need with a new hobby. But it ain't easy, I'm sure you know.

    But I'm sure that you could (with a little assistance) enjoy the flowers you long for. Just sprinkle some Sweet Pea seeds in a rectangular planter box or large pot and stick in two sturdy stakes on each side. Take some twine and wrap it from stake to stake to make a lazy grid - and those sweet peas could grow on a small deck or patio, or even in the corner of a sunny room. If you can't bend over, as I can't, then just raise it up on an upside down large pot or mount it to your deck rail.

    Good luck!

  4. I just found your blog through a link from another chronic pain blog ... I think it was ChronicBabe. Your links and insights are so helpful! Thank you and keep up the great work!


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